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Cosy Cabin - Enjoy, Candle 110g.

Cosy Cabin - Enjoy, Candle 110g.

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This Quarry Road handcrafted candle is a delightful choice for those seeking a pleasing aroma and a convenient size for gifting or personal use. With 110g of wax, it offers a substantial burn time while remaining portable. The fragrance features a subtle Gingerbread scent, which is complemented by the comforting notes of Tobac and Caramel that emerge in the lower tones.

The candle comes in a smaller tin with a lid, making it both practical and unbreakable. This feature ensures that you can safely transport it or keep it secure when not in use. The use of pure soy wax in its creation adds to its appeal, as soy wax is known for providing a cleaner and longer-lasting burn compared to traditional paraffin wax.

With its meticulous craftsmanship and carefully chosen fragrance, the Quarry Road candle promises to deliver a blissful aromatic experience wherever you choose to enjoy it. Whether it's as a thoughtful gift or for your personal enjoyment, this candle is designed to enhance any space with its lovely scent and elegant presentation.

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