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Soothe | Lavender Scented Candle

Soothe | Lavender Scented Candle

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Fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant are said to help promote calmness and wellness. Its believed to help reduce stress, anxiety and possibly even mild pain. Best used in a relaxing and calm space after a stressful day or before going to bed. Lavender bouquet enhanced by clary sage, patchouli and rosemary. Blissful best handpoured candles in New Zealand you must have!

Fragrance Guide 🌸🌸🌸

Top Notes: Lavender, Rosemary
Mid Notes: French Lavender, Heliotrope, Cinnamon
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Rosewood

Candle contains 100% soy wax with a fragrance blended with essential oils. 100% cotton wick.

Burn time up to 60hours

Weight 300g

Hand made by Quarry Road New Zealand.

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